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pod-aup is based in Galicia, Spain although its influence is reaching wider international level. The collaboration of professionals from the fields of architecture, urban planning and landscape allows us to develop complex projects.

The best of pod-aup is its adaptability to the requirements of each project, using a team adjusted to every challenge, whether architects, interior designers, industrial engineers or agronomists, industrial designers… Everything to overcome new challenges.

One of the specialties of pod-aup is the energy efficiency of the building. It is one of the first steps toward building a comfortable environment, adapted to the needs and quality.


Lugar de miodelo 9A
15165 Bergondo
A Coruña

+ 34 678 56 91 18

A Coruña

Calle Costa Rica 5
1ºA Comercial
15005 A Coruña

+ 34 678 56 91 18


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Lugar de Miodelo 9A, Bergondo. A Coruña



+ 34 67856918

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