Campus center

A Coruña | 2009


The central area of the campus of Elviña object of the competition is not revealing the quality of the University of A Coruña.
The limit with the railroad and the resulting geometry of the successive constructions have done of this surface a space without true use and marginal that the University should recover.

We are faced with a physical barrier that limits both the visual field and circulations, and is where should influence and support the project.

With the proposal that we do, we intend to make disappear this barrier to communication and transport and turn it into an opportunity for exchange and landmark.

This proposal intends to give a unitary image of the University towards the city and give it some space at the service of users, thus regaining a marginal space and turning it into an area of entertainment where everyone can enjoy and develop comfortably.


Technical data

University of A Coruña
A Coruña. Spain
contest 2009 | 2nd Prize
Emmanuel Vincent and Antonio Freire
Andrea Fernández Fernández, Talia Fernández Fernández, Miguel Carballido Pensado,
Miguel Fernández Souto, Delfina Fuentes García (Architects)
Ordered surface
58.500 m2
Constructed surface area
27.590 m2
Budget (PEM)
Virtual reality
Ramón Fernández Sánchez