Brazil | 2012

The State of Espirito Santo is located to the North of Rio de Janeiro, on the Atlantic coast, with its administrative centre in the municipality of Vitoria, being one of the main ports of export of iron ore. Vitoria big agglomeration brings together the cities of Vitória, Vila Velha and Sierra. The recent discovery of one of the largest reserves of fossil energy in the territorial waters of Sierra allows a sustained growth in the area.

South of Vila Velha is a large extension of beaches face the Atlantic. There is developing urbanization Jardim Veneza: a private estate overlooking the ocean.


The models developed for the occasion seek to offer distinctive products within this urbanization where practice follows the scheme of sale of land differentiated construction of dwellings.

The 4 models have been designed by the needs and aspirations of potential clientele, a contemporary image adapted to the dimensions of the plots.


It is unique plant in two modules design with a contained surface, adapted to smaller budgets. The day and night areas are clearly differentiated.


This housing is organized on two floors around inner courtyards, giving their privacy to each one of the wings. The vegetation of the exterior spaces complete the play of transparencies and shadows, highlighting the quality of the interior spaces.


It is the largest housing with a longitudinal development on the plot, releasing a band of garden of face to living spaces. The master bedroom is organized as a private suite in a separate module.


With a compact form this housing offers some generous volumes in interior spaces that find an extension on the outside porches and patios. The double hight  livingroom constitutes a unifying element between two plants of the highest module.


Technical data

Ecoinicia Engenharia e Urbanismo Ltda.
Urbanization Jardim Veneza. Vila Velha. Espirito Santo. Brazil
project 2012
Emmanuel Vincent and Antonio Freire
Patricia Montes Andrés, Isabel Morillo Arredondo, Carmen Blanco Boedo (arqu.)
Constructed surface area
between 200 and 230 m2
Cesar Fuentes Zaton