G & D

A Coruña | 2012

In this project, we have to give an identifying image to a company, a logo.

Based in A Coruña, the company G & D professional management and project management services needed to develop a corporate image to give impetus to a new stage of its activity.

The design revolves around the concepts of the company’s efficient management and sustainable development, as a balance to achieve in each project. This balance is perfectly symbolized by the YinYang, which is a dynamic symbol. It shows the continuous interaction of two powers and its balance: as such, it is a symbol of harmony. It is a symbol that creates equality because without Yin could not exist Yang and backward, same, and without the interaction of both, does not generate life. There is nothing opposite between the Yin and the Yang. They are complementary.


The idea of the logo seeks to incorporate ecology, dawning a drop of water and a sheet in reference to the YinYang. Both necessary to life and to the desired balance complement each other. The space created between them corresponds to the projects, possible in the bosom of this balance.

A further evolution of the image unifies the colours used in the name of the company with the logo, and homogenized it.



Technical data

Servicios profesionales de Gestión, Dirección de proyectos y comercio exterior s.l.
A Coruña. Spain
Emmanuel Vincent
Graphic design