Campo da Leña

A Coruña | 2009

ECO 1879

After a thorough analysis of the urban space, there are mainly a lack of homogeneity and multiple conflicts with the high load of traffic that relegate to the pedestrian into the background.

Our proposal seeks to highlight the characteristics of each place and at the same time its integration in conjunction with treatment homogenizer, from the urban scale to the scale of detail.

Reordering traffic allows removing barriers and give more continuity to spaces, while the spaces are retrieved for pedestrians.

The treatment of surface with a homogenizer plot and a single material blurs the boundaries of the squares and integrated them into the whole of the Pescadería and Ciudad vieja neighborhoods.


Technical data

Council of A Coruña
A Coruña. Spain
contest 2009 | 3rd Prize
Emmanuel Vincent and Antonio Freire
Andrea Fernández Fernández, Talia Fernández Fernández, Miguel Carballido Pensado,
Miguel Fernández Souto, Delfina Fuentes García (Architects)
Ordered surface
22.398 m2
Budget (PEM)
Virtual reality
Ramón Fernández Sánchez