Olivar center

Jaen | 2005


Imagine… After a day of hard work, the last of the season, the crop fulfilled hopes. In the proximity of the road that leads home, is the delicate fruit. Stacked boxes support rods and nets that farmers have left as protection. Satisfaction is breathed by the reward of the task and the tiredness. It is time that the owner chose to transmit to his grandson that accompanies him, some of his knowledge. Transmission of knowledge, experience and tradition for the future.

This image serves as a basis for our building, as boxes of olives stacked and protected by nets and rods. They are not just containers of a product, fate also and above all of knowledge and of an entire culture. A simple olive itself is much; It is at the same time, tradition, nature, technology, it is the future… The project is developed on this symbol to represent the concentration of ancestral knowledge and culture.



Technical data

Foundation el Olivar
Jaén. Spain
Contest 2005 | 2nd Prize
Emmanuel Vincent and Antonio Freire
Miguel Angel Fernández and Ramón Fernández, architects
Constructed surface area
15.840 m2
Budget (PEM)