Champtocé / Loire | 2011-2015

… and a garden!

When the family who plans to live in this old farm purchase, meets a rehabilitation unfinished. The internal areas of the housing can be used but the exterior has not been conditioned.

The project includes the finish of the exterior walls and the expansion of existing spaces with the creation of a garage with a pool-house, aconditioning dependencies for guest house, and the realization of the outdoors by phases.

The pool-house and garage are projected in parallel to the existing garage, open to the South. They are united with the rest of the building by a way generator of outdoor spaces.

Retaining the existing species, we complete exterior environments with new plantings giving answers to the needs and tastes of the owners. The resulting movements of earth of enlargement are used to create a visual barrier plant regarding close neighbor, thus avoiding unnecessary transport.

Thinking about the recreational and outdoor games, large spaces are left between the plant masses. These will change in appearance throughout the year, to reinforce the perception of the seasons, providing colour, flavour and life.



Technical data

Champtocé-sur Loire (49). France
2011 project | in construction
Emmanuel Vincent
Construction manager
Emmanuel Vincent
Ordored surface
4.306 m2
Budget (PEM)