Quercus IP

Santiago | 2007-2010

The plot introduced us to develop this business centre is triangular with a marked drop, landfills and important urbanistic limitations by bonded. After ruling out other variants, the final solution proposed seeks to decrease the visual impact of the building, taking into account both the geometrical characteristic of the plot and the topography of the same.

For this purpose there are three volumes above ground, settled on a basis that is adapted to the existing topography, playing the level curves. Nevertheless the building does not lose role and representativeness.

The set is completed with the inner urbanization, where staggered walls, platforms, ramps, and landscape architecture minimizes the visual impact that could acquire the basements with both drop.

Design work has been to detail to customize the building and maintain its unique identity in the environment. From the design of railings and handrails to the cutting of pavements and marking of garage.


Technical data

Inmobiliaria de Puentes y Calzadas s.l.
Santiago de Compostela. A Coruña. Spain
Project 2007 | completed 2010
Emmanuel Vincent and Antonio Freire
Construction managers
Emmanuel Vincent and Antonio Freire
Constructed surface area
8.193 m2
Budget (PEM)